Swamp Juice Insect Repellent Spray 

Beckart Environmental is a world renown leader in making things GREEN, NATURAL and SAFE!

In fact, their specialty is treating chemical and sewage wastewater and making it safe for the environment again and they are VERY good at what they do.

Beckart travels the world and here’s the TRUE STORY about how and why this amazing Swamp Juice was developed.

A great deal of Beckart Environmental’s work is done in Third World countries under the harshest and most challenging of conditions.

In many of these countries… flies, mosquitoes and TICKS are an EXTREME problem. To make things even worse… often the main source of transportation is HORSES. If you’ve ever been on a farm or around horses, you know that a horse is a virtual fly magnet!

Being covered with flies is not only miserable for the horse… but just imagine being the person that’s riding the horse!

Beckart needed a solution, not only for their contractors and employees… but for the horses as well.

Not wanting to use harmful chemicals like Deet or toxic alcohols (It’s not in their nature to do that), they started looking for a safe, natural, insect repellent that would not only work on humans, but would also protect horses and other animals.

After a great deal of time and pain-staking research done by some of the top scientist in the world… Swamp Juice was born!

It was tested under the most extreme, insect infested conditions on the planet for more than 2 years and the results are AMAZING!

If you’re looking for a safe, natural and highly EFFECTIVE way to keep insects off of you, your family and even your PETS… Swamp Juice just flat out WORKS!

With the Zika virus popping up all over the country you simply can’t afford to be unprotected and now you can use a SAFE and natural product without the harmful effects of Deet.

Even better, Swamp Juice is enhanced with aloe vera to soothe your skin and irritation from previous bites on both human and animals.

If you have pets that are outside they will LOVE you for that spritz of Swamp Juice that keeps the biting flies, gnats, fleas and ticks away from them.

If you have horses or ANY type of livestock… Swamp Juice is a Dream-Come-True!

Swamp Juice can be applied directly to your animals or even to the walls in your barns and stables to virtually ELIMINATE pesty flies!

See the case studies below… If it works on horses and livestock, Imagine how well it will work for you and your family!

All Natural & Not Found In Stores… Get Some For Your Family, Pets And Livestock Today!

Beckart makes it green. Their specialty is treating chemical waste water and sewerage waste.

You can’t imagine the flies and mosquitoes at the sewerage treatment plant. An insect repellent was needed that had to be used daily, but more important it had to be safe. When you’re in Third World countries, the means of transportation is horses, so they needed it. A repellent that would work on both humans and animals.

That’s how swamp juice was developed. All natural products. Green, environmentally friendly, and enhanced with aloe vera to soothe irritations from previous bites on both humans and animals.

Need an alternative to harsh chemicals or toxic alcohols in your bug spray?

Try our all-natural Swamp Juice spray!

Formulated using Eco-Solutions’ patented process, Swamp Juice provides a safe alternative to common, chemical-filled bug sprays. Swamp Juice is safe for kids and pets. Swamp Juice can protect your entire family from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika virus and encephalitis.

Laboratory tests from Serra Research show that Swamp Juice exhibited outstanding repellency. After 45 minutes both LIB and BF reported 100% Repellency. To clarify, LIB stands for mosquitoes that “Land with the Intent to Bite” and BF stands for “Biting and Feeding.” In other words, Swamp Juice is highly effective at preventing mosquito bites.

Each small, but concentrated, bottle of Swamp Juice has the power to safely and effectively repel insects without harsh chemicals.

  • DEET-free
  • GMO-free
  • Non-irritating

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